Privacy Policy

Khabar in Hindi aims to present with the most appropriate and accurate news material and advertisements to all users. Ads that are used on our website make it possible for us to manage the best quality, journalistic experts. We also incorporate the in-depth study and evaluation methods to satisfy the needs of our audience. Promotions that are exhibited in this site can be based on web page materials that you access or from third parties which can be tailored to fit your needs. The third party adverts can be used for accumulating confidential and non-personally identifiable details via cookies and Web beacons as well as various other technologies based on your online activities on this site. The goal of such information extraction is to offer you promotions catering to your areas of interests.


In our Privacy Policy, “your” and “you” are assigned to you as user/reader of our website. “We,” “us,” and “our” are assigned to Khabar in Hindi as well as its Contributors or Participants or Authors. At Khabar in Hindi, we take matters of personal privacy affairs seriously. The Privacy plan determines all the information that you find in our site.

The website includes numerous references that are associated with other internet sites held by multiple third parties.

Modifications to this Personal privacy Policy

Khabar in Hindi may choose to change the Personal Privacy Plan according to the requirements of the company without any prior annunciation declared through the website. The modifications made by us will be working on delegating. Therefore it is necessary that you as a user check the privacy policy at regular intervals for any updates.

What kind of info Khabar in Hindi collects from you?
Khabar in Hindi collects details about its users and visitors generally for enhancing their user experience while there are visiting the website.